Our Commitment

At CubeSmart, our mission is to simplify the challenges our customers face through our innovative solutions, our commitment to customer service, and by treating them with genuine care. To deliver on our mission, day-in and day-out, we are committed to the sustainable growth of our business. To us, it’s about creating value for all of our stakeholders and corporate sustainability is key to ensuring long-term stability and growth.


Energy Consumption

reduction vs. 2019

Water Consumption

reduction vs. 2019

GHG Emissions

reduction vs. 2019

Renewable Energy Generation

(+72% since 2019)

Environmental Commitment

At CubeSmart, we are focused on minimizing the impact we make on the environment. Self-storage remains an exceptionally low-impact business as it consumes less energy and water while emitting fewer greenhouse gases than other real estate property types.

  • Solar: Our solar program reduces our carbon footprint through the production of renewable energy while also producing attractive financial returns. In 2021, we completed 10 solar installations, bringing us up to 93 owned properties with operating solar panels.
  • HVAC Upgrades: From 2019-2021, we upgraded all of our HVAC systems to equipment that meets Energy Star requirements and eliminates the use of R22 refrigerant which produces elevated CFC emissions.
  • High Efficiency Lighting: Since 2015, we replaced the exterior lighting with energy efficient upgrades. Over the next three years, we plan to replace interior lighting at over 170 stores to energy efficient LEDs.
  • Energy Management Systems: At 88 stores with elevated energy usage, we have installed energy management systems to monitor and automate the stores interior temperature and energy usage.
  • Paper Reduction: Through technological advancements, including our SmartRental online lease, we have reduced paper and toner usage by over 50% at our stores.

Governance Commitment

We remain committed to strong corporate governance practices and the highest ethical standards, ensuring accountability while effectively managing risk. The Board of Trustees Corporate Governance Guidelines along with our Code of Business Conduct & Ethics highlight the principles that foster sustained shareholder, business partner, and customer confidence.